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We exist because we believe we can change the way the world thinks about investing.  We believe in challenging the age old and dying philosophies of the past.  We are an out-of-the-box Fee Based Investment Advisor.

Great Performers from the Past 90 Days
Short Term
Medium Term
SELLUVXYTrend RSI19.71%Feb 6
BUYBWATrend RSI18.35%Feb 4
BUYADSTrend RSI17.77%Feb 3
BUYXIVTrend RSI17.22%Feb 6
SELLNUGTTrend RSI15.13%Mar 20
BUYPCLNTrend RSI15.12%Feb 3
BUYNVDATrend RSI14.77%Feb 12
BUYXYLTrend RSI14.32%Jan 31
BUYCERNTrend RSI13.40%Feb 5
BUYGPSTrend RSI12.92%Feb 3
BUYMYLTrend RSI12.84%Feb 12
BUYSPXLTrend RSI12.36%Feb 5
BUYORLYTrend RSI12.29%Jan 31
BUYUPROTrend RSI12.22%Feb 4
BUYFASTrend RSI12.03%Feb 5

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We exist because we believe we can Change The Way The World Thinks About Investing. In everything we do, we challenge the age old and dying philosophies of the past.

We are passionate about investing through knowledge. ..

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